Strategic Planning

Dunbar Harder, PLLC builds cost effective  immigration solutions for clients based upon their particular needs.  Whether our client is a multinational corporation  or an entrepreneurial enterprise, we identify the immediate and long term  immigration objectives and find the most efficient and cost effective  solutions.  For example, following a  merger or acquisition, a U.S.  affiliate of a multinational corporation may need to access key managerial and  specialist talent from a parent company abroad in order to harmonize processes  and transfer technology.  This cycle  causes a short term spike in international employee re-location costs that must  be considered when determining the least expensive options allowing rapid  access to vital personnel for short periods of time.  We help companies successfully plan and  adjust to such challenges.

The immigration needs of each company and  individual are unique.  We encourage our  clients to schedule a meeting with our attorneys to map out a global strategic  plan to identify cost effective solutions for their immigration requirements.