Terms of Representation

The firm typically bills on a fixed fee basis for the preparation and filing of petitions or applications.  Fees reflect the level of complexity of a given matter and the anticipated amount of time needed to diligently provide the requested services.  Our rates are extremely competitive compared to those typically charged by firms offering similar legal services.

Requests for legal services involving issues other than preparation of a petition or application usually are billed at an hourly rate. Projects that are not billed on a fixed fee basis are outlined by a senior attorney and assigned to an associate attorney, legal assistant or law clerk for briefing before final review and completion by a senior attorney.  We do not have a minimum time increment for hourly matters.

The value of the services we provide may also be measured by the high quality of the work we perform.  Our knowledge of client companies and the profile of their typical foreign workers allow us to effectively and efficiently provide legal services.  Our institutional knowledge of immigration issues that have challenged companies in the past allows us to anticipate and avoid obstacles that can delay the immigration process.  We consistently strive to provide highly responsive, quality legal representation.  We welcome a dialogue to ensure that our fees are fair, competitive and represent excellent value for the legal services clients receive.