Team Approach

Dunbar Harder, PLLC provides immigration  legal services through a team of outstanding professionals including senior  attorneys, associate attorneys, legal assistants and administrative  assistants.   Since most of the firm’s services are billed  on a fixed fee basis, adding personnel to a project enhances the speed and  efficiency with which the service is delivered without increasing the cost to  the client.

Attorneys review all communications and  documents prepared by the legal assistant working on a particular matter.  Utilizing this team approach we are able to  quickly and efficiently provide the documents needed by the company on time or  ahead of schedule.

Questions relating to immigration law may  be presented by a company representative directly to an attorney by telephone  or email.  Clients also may relate questions  to a legal assistant who will then consult with a DH attorney in order to  provide a prompt, detailed response.   Depending on the nature of the question being raised the senior attorney  may assign an associate attorney to address it.   Associate attorney correspondence relating to novel issues is reviewed  and finalized by a senior attorney before it is sent to the company.

By utilizing a team approach to providing  immigration legal services we are able to ensure continuous access to our immigration  expertise and judgment while minimizing the cost of services to clients.  Similarly, by working through a designated  representative for corporate clients we can proceed with confidence that  requested services are authorized by and in the best interest of the  organization.  When the organization and  the alien employee are speaking with one voice, we can quickly perform our  services and avoid misunderstandings concerning the legal services to be  performed or the billing for the requested services.